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10 of the most common types of websites

types of websites

Creating a website is one of the best ways to establish your digital presence. According to Adobe, 38% of people stop engaging with a website if the content or layout is unattractive. Additionally, Stanford’s Web Credibility Research found the majority of consumers judge a company’s credibility based on their website.

But before creating your own site, you’ll need to decide which type of website to create. Here’s a list of some of the most popular on the web today:

  1. Ecommerce website

  2. Business website

  3. Blog website

  4. Portfolio website

  5. Event website

  6. Personal website

  7. Membership website

  8. Nonprofit website

  9. Informational website

  10. Online forum

Whether you want to design a business website for your new venture or a blog to share your passions, you can make a website on Wix with pre-made website templates.

01. Ecommerce website

What is it: An eCommerce website allows you to sell products from your online store. You can even incorporate a dropshipping model into your online business to sell products from a third-party distributor.

Real life eCommerce examples:

  • Nose to Tail sells sustainable, grass-fed beef entirely online and allows customers to customize their own shipments to get exactly what they want.

  • The29Line sells band and venue accessories as well as apparel and utilizes dropshipping to avoid maintaining inventory. When someone places an order, the company sends it to the distributor, who then ships the product directly to the customer.

Online store website templates include customizable eCommerce features, like category pages and menu bars with business information. In addition, secure checkout is built right now to keep customer information safe from hackers or data breaches.

ecommerce website

02. Business website

What it is: Whether you’re creating a consulting website, corporate website, or a startup website, a business website establishes your brand’s online presence.

Real life business website example: Puffin Packaging sells eco-friendly packaging and uses clean lines and colorful, professional images to create a cohesive website. They’ve also strategically incorporated white space, leaving parts of their site blank to draw in the eye and highlight their content, which is evident on both desktop and mobile versions of their site.

“One thing that should never be overlooked on your business website is your choice of photography,” says Jenna Romano, web design expert for the Wix blog. “Your website imagery, including your photographs, logo and color choices, will draw people into your design and sell the entire vibe of your brand. If I can give you one tip, it’s to keep in mind that mobile devices today do a really good job of producing professional, high-resolution files. So don’t let the cost of a professional photographer stops you from doing a custom photoshoot for your website!”

Use a customizable business website template to create a digital space introducing your brand and what you do. If relevant, you can also add a booking system or scheduling software that enables customers to easily reserve an appointment.

business website

03. Blog website

What it is: Blogs are a space for people to share written and visual content about whatever they desire. You can even make money blogging by using affiliate links or working with advertisers. Some of the most popular types of blogs include travel blogs, food blogs and lifestyle blogs. While blogging initially began as a way for individuals to share their ideas online, 86% of businesses now employ blogging as part of their content marketing strategy to acquire leads through organic traffic and social shares.

Real life blog website examples:

  • Estie Kessler’s blog, Abode by Estie, is a great example of how you can monetize a hobby or passion with a blog. Estie not only creates entertaining and informative content for her readers, but she makes an income with her services by offering digital interior design packages and using affiliate links to earn a profit on home decor, creating a business out of her blog.

Get started on your own blog in no time with a blog template.

blog website

04. Portfolio website

What it is: Creative professionals, such as graphic designers, interior designers, artists and writers, use portfolio websites to consolidate and display examples of their work. That way, potential employers can head over to someone’s portfolio to easily check out their skills and expertise.

Real life portfolio website example: Lu Xinyao’s digital art portfolio displays colorful images of his hand drawn pictures and animations along with a short About section and contact information.

Use a portfolio template to highlight who you are as well as your professional accomplishments. Or gain more web design inspiration from our website examples.

portfolio website

05. Event website

What it is: An event website allows for streamlined event management, from invites to marketing, and even through follow-up. Your site is your event’s central command station, acting as the anchor of your event marketing efforts. If you’re looking to reach a wide audience, you can even use your site as your virtual event location—which may not be a bad idea, as 80% of event organizers claim virtual events reach wider audiences.

Tip: Try adding a microsite for multiple or special events. A microsite can serve as a standalone site for a specific event.

Real life event website example: Check out the 2022 Creative Retail Award’s website to see how event organizers designed an easy-to-navigate submission form. This customized entry process makes it simple for event organizers to categorize and sort through all entries.

Use an event website template, such as a wedding website template, to create your own website. Plus, add on Wix Events to unlock online RSVP capabilities and a seating map builder for your guests.

event website

06. Personal website

What it is: A personal website is a great way to give your online presence a boost. You can create a personal website to promote your individuality and interests, such as fan websites or hobby websites. People also utilize personal and CV website templates to display who they are and what they’ve accomplished professionally.

These personal sites are similar to portfolios but typically contain fewer visual elements, as the objective isn’t necessarily to display past work but rather to showcase who you are via a cute website.

Real life personal website example: Comedian Aaron Zarabi has a one-page personal website that details who he is, tour dates, his podcast, and contact information—all of the necessary information someone would need to either hire or contact him.

Create a personal website with one of these personal website templates.

personal website

07. Membership website

What it is: A membership website ensures exclusivity by requiring visitors to sign up or pay a fee to receive full access to its services, tools or resources. Perhaps you have an online magazine or publication that requires membership to read. Alternatively, you may be looking to create a wedding website or a memorial website that you want to keep private. Or, you may have a business or nonprofit site that you want to add a members-only page to access additional content. Doing so can increase revenue streams, build trust and loyalty between your members and increase website traffic.

Real life membership website example: HERoines, a women’s empowerment NGO that hosts workshops and creates community, clearly describes the organization’s primary goal, uses engaging visuals, includes a Member’s page where visitors can interact and support each other privately.

Start with any website template and add a members area. Take a look at this guide on how to create a membership website to learn how to optimize your site.

membership website

08. Nonprofit website

What it is: With a nonprofit website template, you can create a website that informs visitors of your organization’s mission, goals and core values. Whether a school website, church website or animal rescue site, be sure to include information about past events, your mission statement, and a donations page.

Real life nonprofit example: Literacy NYC provides reading and learning opportunities for New York City children. Their website uses imagery of children intertwined with informational content about the work they do. In addition, a lime green Donate Now button sits in the top right corner, making it easy for visitors to contribute.

Create your own nonprofit site with one of these nonprofit website templates.

nonprofit website

09. Informational websites

What it is: Informational websites act as a resource to convey information. Examples include encyclopedias and news outlet websites. They often include long form content to satisfy reader curiosity and implement search functions, so visitors can find what they are looking for.

You can start your informational website on a blank slate and simply add the necessary web pages. Alternatively, you can use a news website template if it’s relevant to your goals.

Real life informational website example: The Wix Encyclopedia is an online dictionary offering definitions of marketing, business and web design terms. This site also houses informational guides and resources to help professionals maximize their business potential.

To create an informational website, you can choose from a variety of website templates. Select one that resonates with your content and customize it to your liking.

informational website

10. Online forum

What it is: An online forum allows you to build community around a shared interest, and even allow site owners or businesses to earn profit by restricting access to members only. Users can discuss topics, compare experiences, ask questions and interact with people with similar professions, hobbies or worldviews. Oculus VR founder, Palmer Luckey, says, “I’m a huge fan of online communities. I think that asynchronous internet-based communication forums such as Reddit and other discussion forums are one of the best things that could possibly have happened to collaborative invention.”

They also allow for user engagement between the site owner and visitors. Whether your online forum is dedicated to gaming, environmental sustainability or gluten-free dessert recipes, it’s an ideal place to digitally congregate.

Start your own forum website with these professionally-made forum templates.

online forum website

How to choose the right type of website for you

Consider your website ideas and end goals. For some, choosing which type of website to create might be an obvious decision–if you are starting a business, a business website is the logical choice, and if you’re starting a blog, it makes sense to choose a blog template.

But the choice may not always be so simple and there often is overlap. You may want to start an eCommerce site that includes a blog, or an event website with a members-only area. For example, Mammoth March, a nonprofit organization that hosts a variety of hikes all around the U.S., has a dedicated blog page with tips and inspo.

Tip: Need help finding a catchy title for your site's domain? Use a website name generator for inspiration and ideas.

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